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Hometown: Plano Hobbies: Basketball, watching and playing sports, poker, guitar Profession: Architect [ask me anything about fantasy football/basketball...i am pretty well tuned in]
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Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Mavericks
Los Angeles Lakers
Texas Rangers
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NFL - G Shock
QB - Matthew Stafford (DET)
RB - Ahmad Bradshaw (IND)
RB - Ray Rice (BAL)
WR - Miles Austin (DAL)
WR - Wes Welker (DEN)
WR - Randall Cobb (GB)
TE - Jason Witten (DAL)
K - Matt Bryant (ATL)
D/ST - New England Defense (NE)
BN - Matt Schaub (HOU)
Scoring Type: 
Passing Yards: 
25 Yds = 1 Pt
Pass TD: 
4 Pts
-2 Pts
Rushing Yards: 
10 Yds = 1 Pt
Rush TD: 
6 Pts
Receiving Yards: 
1 Yds = 1 Pt
Receiving TD: 
1 Pts
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fantasyRookie says:
Date: 10/11/2010 07:34 pm
Thanks for your help on my post!!
BarkingTuna says:
Date: 11/19/2009 04:10 pm
Lee Evans, Kevin Walter or Jeremy Maclin? -- I think I probably go with Lee Evans... he'll have Fitzpatrick under center again (which has helped him this yr), coming off the bye, sweet matchup. I wouldn't call him a WR1 this week, but I think he's the best of that group. K Walter could do well, but we don't know what the HOU backfield situation is (I think Slaton arguably has more impact on that offense than the loss of Daniels) and TEN's secondary is healthy and playing well since their bye. Maclin could have a good game against CHI, but last week it was all Jason Avant... beyond DeJax and Celek, I'm not sure any other PHI WRs are trustworthy. All have big potential, but are risky plays this week... hope that helps some.