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NFL - Taos Homies
QB - Tom Brady (NE)
RB - Kahlil Bell (CHI)
RB - Rashard Mendenhall (ARI)
WR - Jabar Gaffney (NE)
RB/WR - Laurent Robinson (JAC)
TE - Aaron Hernandez (NE)
K - Stephen Gostkowski (NE)
DEF - Washington Defense (WAS)
DL - Patrick Willis (SF)
BN - Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
Scoring Type: 
Passing Yards: 
25 Yds = 1 Pt
Pass TD: 
4 Pts
-2 Pts
Rushing Yards: 
10 Yds = 1 Pt
Rush TD: 
6 Pts
Receiving Yards: 
1 Yds = 1 Pt
Receiving TD: 
1 Pts
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martagen3 says:
Date: 12/17/2008 12:08 am
It means you are 'bumping' your post back to the top to get more opinions or if it got lost on the next few pages and no one's looking at it anymore. If u post and then come back and find only a couple have responded and now it's buried, just comment yourself back with 'bump'. Personally I use "Little help?" if I only got a couple of replies, or "Any other opinions?" if the results are tied or too close. Always nice to add that u will answer theirs too. If ur a late nite owl, answer to as many as you feel u honestly can (if ur really not sure, better not to answer than to just pick randomly) and u will usually be rewarded the next morning when u wake up. Last advice, lol..never answer a post whose players are already playing or u will lose ALL credibility. People picking Pierre Thomas in the middle of a game, or worse- after- where hes gotten 2 TDs already are just idiots!) Hope that helps and hope u had fun this season!
footballislife says:
Date: 12/12/2008 01:15 am
I know I benched Thomas as well in favour of Rhodes. However if Addai is out I do believe Rhodes is very capable of putting up near the twenties. 100 yards and 2 tds seems very possible. I admit having Thomas' performance in the bag would have been nice but Im still confident in Rhodes
GiantsSB says:
Date: 12/11/2008 05:34 pm
You must do it before the game starts...I'm starting Thomas and Lynch...
footballislife says:
Date: 12/11/2008 06:57 am
Rhodes without a doubt. Im just hoping Addai is out. I think Rhodes has a very good chance of having a monster game. Its a dream matchup and he should see a significant amount of touches. I think Thomas should have a good game as well but no where near the potential of Rhodes. Plus Bush is gonna be worked more into the offense every week from here on out. Hope this helps but I couldnt imagine myself sitting Rhodes this week if Addai is out.
GiantsSB says:
Date: 12/10/2008 03:10 pm
Funny, I actually just put Thomas back in...Addai is still iffy...check again tommorrow, we have a little time...